An ex-Premier League referee weighs in on the Liverpool vs. Man City affair, saying that “everyone expects a red card.”


An ex-Premier League referee weighs in on the Liverpool vs. Man City affair, saying that “everyone expects a red card.”

Liverpool’s James Milner, according to Man City, should have been penalized for a foul on Bernardo Silva.

A former Premier League referee has advised Manchester City that Liverpool’s James Milner should have been sent off during their match at Anfield on Sunday.

When the versatile Reds player was not issued a second yellow card early in the second half, City were furious.

Milner had been cautioned in the first half and was unlucky not to commit a penalty on another occasion.

When he felled Bernardo Silva near the touchline, the former England man, who was filling in for the injured Trent Alexander-Arnold, escaped punishment.

Pep Guardiola, City’s manager, was furious after the game. The Spaniard believed, despite evidence to the contrary, that referee Paul Tierney was swayed by the Anfield crowd.

“A yellow card has been issued. It’s obvious. It’s Old Trafford, it’s Anfield. Guardiola fumed to Sky Sports, “In our situation, a City player is sent off.”

“It’s a little too clear.” It was a different shade of yellow.” Dermot Gallagher, a former Premier League referee, has backed up Guardiola’s claim that Milner should have been sent off.

“I don’t know,” Gallagher said on Sky Sports’ Ref Watch section when asked why Milner was not ejected. Tierney will be the only one who knows why he didn’t send him off.” Gallagher was then asked if Tierney had blown for an earlier foul by Jordan Henderson.

“I think even if you do [award Henderson a foul], given what Milner has done – and we’re talking about what footballers anticipate – everyone in football expects a red card.

“Of course, there isn’t any debate. Sue Smith, another Sky Sports analyst, added, “It should have been a second yellow.”

“He was a lucky guy to stay on the pitch,” said former Liverpool full-back Stephen Warnock.

Gallagher was then linked to a subsequent incident in which Reds midfielder Fabinho was booked for a similar challenge.

Man City supporters were incensed when the Brazilian was booked for his challenge while Milner was not.

Gallagher, on the other hand, offered a minor defense of Tierney, claiming that it is difficult for referees to be completely consistent because they will have a different perspective on each circumstance.

Gallagher stated, “This is what we talk about, we talk about how referees need to be consistent.”


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