An apparently big club whose lack of success has created a thousand gifs


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No Old Men’s Trophy
José Mourinho would probably rate that accomplishment with the most mediocre of his distinguished managerial career if Tottenham Hotspur win the Milk Cup this season.

Before being kidnapped by a soft drink company named after a Filipino water buffalo, a four-time champion, one suspects that the Tottenham manager will have nothing but sneering scorn for any big-name manager who talks about the value of winning such a competition with a tin cup.

Any boss with a big name, that is, except him.

But it’s all about meaning, and when you’re in charge of a seemingly big club whose continued lack of success has produced a thousand memes and gifs, any old trophy is fine. Before finally settling on Morrison’s at Colindale, even a club obviously in need to improve its marketing department tried to hold a raffle in space. “I think it’s my biggest game since I joined Spurs,” Mourinho said ahead of the semifinal against Brentford on Tuesday. “From the perspective of the club that has been chasing silverware for many years, I would say that.”

In the last 13 years, the League Cup is the only trophy Spurs have won, a competition that does not excite fans in particular, who only consider it a big trophy when their team is a game or two away from winning it. Robbie Keane and Ledley King extended the trophy skyward on a famous day in February 2008 after beating Chelsea in the final.

At least before No Country For Old Men upstaged it by winning Best Picture at the Oscars a few hours later, it was a success of great global significance.

Although a trophy engraver has not been bothered by Tottenham in over a decade, their opponents Brentford have never won a big piece of silverware.

Tonight marks the first proper semi-final in the 131-year history of the club, although historians of the West Middlesex and London War Cup may disagree.

“It’s an important game for us,” Manager Thomas Frank said. We’re going to give it our best shot and try to strike and take our chances against one of the world’s biggest teams, who have top players and a top boss.”We’ll give it our best shot and try to attack and take our chances against one of the top teams in the world, who have top players and a top manager.” Before kick-off, there will definitely be plenty of low-calorie, fruit-based caffeine drinks delivered to the locker room – hopefully the material will offer extra oomph to the players.

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I was hurt when he[Antonio Conte] said I was responsible for everything after giving me just eight minutes in a game. What could I have done in eight minutes? But then I didn’t make a controversy out of it and I’m not going to do it now”I was hurt when, after giving me just eight minutes in a game, he [Antonio Conte] said I was responsible for everything. What could I have done in eight minutes? But I didn’t make a controversy out of it then and I won’t now”

Of Milan. Oh! Madrid! Munich!-Munich! The latest episode of Football Weekly is a real Trans-European Express.

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“Re: letter from Noble Francis [Fiver yesterday].

I am familiar with affiliations to the most questionable causes that contribute to dissatisfaction and failure as a clinical psychologist by profession.

The term cognitive dissonance is used in contemporary perspectives to characterize contradictory values (e.g..

I want to vote for a winner; I want to root for Arsenal).

As I like to remark to friends, the pain and suffering of people pursuing goals that are clearly doomed to fail is what keeps me in business” – Paul Benveniste.

“Noble Francis’ idea that there must be some kind of help for Arsenal supporters reminds me of the end of Dante’s Inferno, where the heinous


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