Ally McCoist reveals David Murray ‘crisis manager’ barb as he opens up on Rangers’ 2012 turmoil


ALLY McCoist was Rangers manager at a difficult period in the club’s history and he admits it took a toll on his physical and mental wellbeing.

The Ibrox legend took over from Walter Smith in 2011/2012 but had a difficult time with the club in administration, with their financial troubles worsening and their starting back from the Scottish Third Division an added distraction for the boss.

McCoist did what he could before eventually being put on gardening leave but he will always remember his time in the dugout as main man. He will never forget the giant task he was entrusted with, to take Gers back to the top tier of Scottish football. Nor will he forget what former chairman David Murray said to him regarding his managerial acumen during the tumultuous spell in time.

“David Murray said to me: ‘We’ll never really know what kind of manager you were. But you were definitely a crisis manager’,” he told the Guardian. “I would never know but looking at me you have to say it was affecting my health. 

“Lack of sleep, not eating right, no rest. Getting away from it certainly did me a lot of good.”

McCoist has gone on to become one of the most popular pundits in football across the UK but there was still a time he would have liked to get back into the management game.

“I had some interviews – QPR, Blackburn, Sunderland,” he added. “It has worked to my benefit that I didn’t get any of them. Particularly Sunderland – a club that I dearly love – just completely lost its way. When I didn’t get those jobs I just felt I had to do something. I’ve been really, really lucky.”


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