Allan McGregor compares the age of Walter Smith to the victory over Celtic by Rangers


ALLAN MCGREGOR hopes victory at the Old Firm at Ibrox at the end of the season would prove “huge” for Rangers after they took a big move to defend their crown.

A Callum McGregor own goal was enough to hand the Light Blues their season’s second derby victory and extend their lead to 19 points at the top of the Premiership.

Throughout the afternoon, Keeper McGregor had his hands full as Celtic dominated the game for long stretches and had the best chances to win.

But it was Steven Gerrard’s side who won, bringing Celtic’s hopes of winning the championship to a serious damper.

McGregor said, “In five months, hopefully it will be a big win. In the first half and the 15 minutes before the sending off, I thought we were very, very poor.”

“We were a little better after that, but winning is the most important thing. I have no idea why, but in the first half, they seemed hungrier, but we managed to get the victory.

I wasn’t upset to have so much to do. That’s part of the game, you have to focus and be prepared for whatever your way comes.

“But I was upset that we were so evil. I keep repeating myself. The most important thing is winning.

“The guys took it well. If you think back to the Walter (Smith) era, he was really good at it, but that comes from the players and the messages the manager gives us.”


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