After Yuki Tsunoda’s penalty, George Russell receives a boost for Williams at the Styrian Grand Prix.


After Yuki Tsunoda’s penalty, George Russell receives a boost for Williams at the Styrian Grand Prix.

Following Yuki Tsunoda’s three-place grid penalty, George Russell of Williams will start inside the top 10.

After Yuki Tsunoda received a three-place grid penalty for obstructing Valtteri Bottas during qualifying for the Styrian Grand Prix, Williams’ George Russell will start inside the top 10.

Despite outqualifying a McLaren, Ferrari, and an Aston Martin, the Williams driver was disappointed on the team radio after missing out on a top -10 start by eight-thousandths of a second at the Red Bull Ring.

If it’s a dry start, the 23-year-old will also have an advantage over the rest of the top field with a free tyre choice ahead of the race.

Tsunoda of AlphaTauri was found to have impeded Bottas in Q3 as the Finn was on a flying lap, resulting in a trip to the stewards.

Despite the fact that the rookie had not been informed by his crew that a quicker car was approaching, the stewards determined that he “did hinder car #77 unnecessarily.”

“Car 22 [Tsunoda] had just finished a fast lap and received word from the team that he was now on an in lap. The team failed to warn car 22 of the approaching of car 77 [Bottas] on a fast lap, according to the stewards’ statement.

“At the entry to Turn 4, Car 77 approached Car 22. Car 22 was on the racing line, and while attempting to move off the line to the outside, he unnecessarily slowed down car 77.

“It is every driver’s obligation to be wary of faster cars when on a slow lap.

“The crew should have supported the driver in becoming aware of the oncoming quicker car, but the driver is not to blame for the lack of communication.”

Tsunoda told Sky Sports F1 after qualifying that he didn’t think he ruined Bottas’ run too much.

He explained, “There’s still a space between me and Valtteri, and there’s a little bit of a crest before Turn 4.”

“He was already in the braking zone when I saw him.

“It’s a mistake, but to be honest, I believe I’d be in the braking zone if I turned around and walked inside.

“I also expected Valtteri to pass me on the inside, so it could have happened.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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