After winning the league title, Hulk flaunts his wife and niece’s pregnancy in bikini snaps.


After winning the league title, Hulk flaunts his pregnant wife and niece in bikini snaps.

Hulk, a Brazilian footballer, has shared holiday photos with his pregnant wife, who is the niece of his three other children’s mother.

As they prepare for the arrival of their child, Hulk and his pregnant ex-niece have shared holiday photos.

The former Porto winger, 35, made headlines after it was revealed that he had split from his wife of 12 years, Iran Angelo, and began dating a younger member of her family.

He and Camila Sousa, 32, married in 2020 and announced their pregnancy in September of that year.

Hulk already has three children with Iran, and a fourth is on the way with Camila, who was reportedly her aunt’s favorite niece until she started dating her ex-husband.

The couple is making the most of their free time while they can, with Hulk sharing several photos of them on a yacht with friends on Instagram.

“Amazing tour here in Trancoso,” the caption read. Trancoso is a popular seaside tourist destination in their native Brazil.

Camila wore a two-piece lime green bikini with her baby bump on full display.

Hulk, who earned his moniker as a result of his ridiculous physique, is still in fantastic shape.

His season with Atletico Mineiro ended last month, so he’s currently on the sidelines.

They won Serie A in Brazil, thanks in large part to Hulk’s 19 goals, which earned him the league’s top scorer for 2021.

They also won the Brazilian Cup, with their star player scoring eight goals in the competition, including two in the final two legs.

His relationship with Iran deteriorated during his time with Shanghai Port in China.

“I never had a relationship with Camila when I was married,” he previously explained.

“I am a man,” he says.

My marriage was not working for me.

There were numerous reasons for this.

I betrayed Iran for the entirety of my marriage.

She lived a solitary existence.

She simply desired to be known as Hulk’s wife.

“Camila arrived in China.

I don’t consider myself to be unattractive, and I’m still quite young.

“Camila is a stunning young woman.

We became involved in the end.

We were both single at the time.”


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