After Valtteri Bottas’ words, George Russell will never be able to persuade Lewis Hamilton to change his opinion.


After Valtteri Bottas’ words, George Russell will never be able to persuade Lewis Hamilton to change his opinion.

Hamilton will join Lewis Mercedes next season, but the seven-time world champion has intimated that the pair will never have the kind of bond he has with Valtteri Bottas.

When George Russell joins Mercedes next season, Lewis Hamilton has intimated that he may never have the same bond with him as he does with current teammate Valtteri Bottas. From 2022, the Williams driver will take over the Finn’s Silver Arrows seat, with Bottas joining Alfa Romeo to rejoin with motorsport pal Fred Vasseur.

Hamilton has had a tremendous amount of success at Mercedes, especially since Bottas joined him from Williams.

Since they began their partnership, the Brit has won the world title every year, and he intends to make it five in a row this season before the Finn moves on to pastures new.

Hamilton has repeatedly referred to Bottas as the best team-mate he has had in the sport, even going as far as to publicly state his preference to keep his current partner rather than work with Russell.

Since the announcement of the 23-year-switch old’s to Mercedes, the seven-time world champion has been nothing but kind of the young man with whom he will share a garage starting next season.

But he still believes Bottas is his best teammate, and he’s gone into deeper depth about what makes their relationship so special.

“You have to understand what I mean when I say Bottas is my best teammate,” Hamilton told Sky Sport Italia.

“We are competing in a sport where we are attempting to win two world championships. We’re both aiming for the drivers’ championship, but we’re also responsible for the constructors’ championship. To accomplish this, we must collaborate.

“For the first time, I had a partner with whom I could honestly say, “I felt this, I noticed that.” We don’t conceal anything from each other, and all we want to do is assist each other be the best we can be.

“With other drivers, that has never happened to me. That’s something special.” Bottas, on the other hand, will have relished the opportunity to compete in the quickest car on the grid for the past five seasons, but he has not relished having to play second fiddle to Hamilton – despite his best efforts. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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