After UFC 263, Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal may be able to settle their “unfinished business.”


After UFC 263, Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal may be able to settle their “unfinished business.”

If Leon Edwards does not get a title chance after UFC 263, former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping believes there is only one bout he should accept.

Edwards, a former UFC middleweight champion and lifelong advocate for mixed martial arts and the UFC in the United Kingdom, spoke to Express Sport about his impending welterweight showdown with fan favorite Nate Diaz at UFC 263 on Saturday night.

However, with UFC president Dana White already announcing Colby Covington as the next contender to fight undisputed UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, Edwards’ next path is unclear, even if he defeats Diaz convincingly this weekend.

It raised the issue of whether Edwards will face Jorge Masvidal inside the octagon to put a stop to a dispute that began backstage at UFC London in 2019.

In the main event, Edwards defeated Icelandic submission specialist Gunnar Nelson by split decision, while Masvidal startled the London crowd by knocking out Darren Till.

And, while Masvidal was being questioned by UFC reporter Laura Sanko backstage, Edwards shouted something at the American from off-camera.

It spurred Masvidal to abandon Sanko as he strolled over to Edwards and landed a rapid multi-punch combo on him before security intervened to prevent a full-fledged confrontation.

The incident, which Masvidal described as offering Edwards “a three-piece and a soda,” has since become legend in the UFC, but the feud has never been resolved inside the cage.

If Edwards defeats former Masvidal opponent Diaz this weekend, Bisping believes the time is right for the pair to be scheduled, possibly on the same bill as Usman vs. Covington.

When asked if he would accept the matchup if he were in Edwards’ shoes, Bisping responded, “Me in that scenario? 100% of the time.

“I’m dying to fight Masvidal if that’s me.”

“We’ve all heard of the ‘three-piece and a Coke.’

“That is a form of assault. Backstage, you began a brawl with me.

“You didn’t start a brawl; you just punched me in the face. As a result, we have unfinished business.

“So, if I were Leon Edwards, that would be the only fight I would accept outside of a title fight.”

Bisping also welcomed the idea of putting the feuding duo on the main show with the Usman vs. Covington rematch because it would offer the UFC more exposure. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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