After the Russian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was enraged by team orders, which he described as “hard to swallow.”


After the Russian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was enraged by team orders, which he described as “hard to swallow.”

After the Russian Grand Prix in 2018, Lewis Hamilton was enraged by Mercedes’ team orders.

This weekend, the Russian Grand Prix of 2021 will be held at the Sochi Autodrom in the country’s south. In the battle for the world title, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen is hoping to overcome a grid penalty to beat Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. The Russian Grand Prix has been a circuit where Valterri Bottas, Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate, has excelled in recent years. Despite this, Mercedes has struggled to find a happy medium in Sochi. Hamilton won the race in 2018, and his teammate Bottas finished second.

This result, however, was only achievable because of the Finn’s selflessness, which allowed Hamilton to pass him and win the race, bolstering his title prospects.

Bottas was following directions from the team, and despite the victory, Hamilton expressed his displeasure at taking the chequered flag on this occasion.

“It’s probably a win on my list of wins I’m least proud of,” he remarked.

“It was the craziest day of my career.” I want to win in the proper manner. We race drivers exist to win; if you tell us we can’t, it’s as if you’re robbing us of our life.

“I’d never wish it on another person, and I’d never beg for it. In a meeting, I made it clear that this is not how I want to win.” Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal, revealed why Bottas was ordered to let Hamilton through.

“It’s depressing for drivers and teams, but there’s also a hard truth,” he remarked.

“You have to take it on a day like this when you can expand your advantage by seven points in a tournament that has been really tough and difficult at times.”

“The team was considering the car going down or losing two more engines,” Hamilton said, echoing this reasoning.

“We may lose the championship, and that was their justification, as difficult as it was to accept.”

Bottas also spoke up, explaining why he was pleased to give up the race lead for the team’s sake.

“Lewis is fighting for the drivers’ title, but I’m not,” he remarked. Today’s result was great from the team’s perspective. Perhaps not the best choice for “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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