After the Max Verstappen drama, Lewis Hamilton issues a strong warning to Red Bull, calling it “unacceptable.”


After the Max Verstappen drama, Lewis Hamilton issues a strong warning to Red Bull, calling it “unacceptable.”

Lewis Hamilton, the reigning Formula One champion, has issued a warning to Red Bull and title contender Max Verstappen.

After calling Red Bull’s statements about him “unacceptable,” Lewis Hamilton issues a warning. After rising from last position to second place in the Hungarian Grand Prix this past weekend, the current F1 world champion has had a difficult couple of races.

This came after he won the British Grand Prix after colliding with title contender Max Verstappen on the first lap, forcing the Red Bull driver to retire.

After the two drivers collided, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner slammed Lewis’ triumph as “hollow” and expressed his hope that “he was happy with himself.”

The Brit believes the nasty comments from the British-based team were a contributing role after getting jeers and boos from the Hungarian audience this weekend.

“When I think about everything that our opponents’ team management has said, it didn’t come as a surprise to me,” the Mercedes driver told Speed Week.

“I believe some individuals should consider it over the summer holiday, because some of the sentiments are unacceptable to me.

“When we think of youngsters who are watching, we need to be careful with our remarks. We should be positive role models who encourage others to do the same.”

The competition between Mercedes and Red Bull has heated up in the last two races, but Hamilton applauded his team for how they handled themselves afterward.

“I’m quite proud of my staff for being calm in the face of such a storm of emotions. We went to Hungary a few days after Silverstone and did well,” he explained.

Following a bout of impaired vision and dizziness during the Hungarian Grand Prix, the seven-time world champion issued an update on his health.

On a tumultuous afternoon in Budapest, the Brit came in second after Sebastian Vettel was disqualified for failing to comply with post-race fuel restrictions.

Hamilton alleges that the repercussions of his struggle with COVID-19, which he contracted in December of last year, are still bothering him.

He complained of dizziness and blurred vision on the podium at the post-race press conference before consulting the team doctor.

Later in the day, the current world champion took on Instagram to say, “Congratulations to the Alpine team and to.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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