After the latest round of excuses, Tyson Fury compares Deontay Wilder to Donald Trump.


After the latest round of excuses, Tyson Fury compares Deontay Wilder to Donald Trump.

Deontay Wilder insists that he did not deserve to lose to Tyson Fury last year.

Tyson Fury’s promoter in the United States, Bob Arum, has mocked former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder after doubling down on assertions that his defeat to the “Gypsy King” in February was due to no fault of his own. Wilder entered the battle undefeated following a draw with Fury in their first encounter, but he was outclassed and dominated by the Brit, who won at the second attempt by technical knockout in the seventh round.

Wilder immediately resorted to his book of excuses after the fight, alleging that the extravagant costume he donned on his entrance to the ring weighed him down too much and contributed to the outcome.

Former trainer Mark Breland allegedly laced his water with a muscle relaxant, and Fury cheated by slipping weights into his gloves, according to the American.

Arum, who is presently arranging for Fury’s highly-anticipated fight with compatriot and fellow champion Anthony Joshua, has dismissed Wilder’s increasingly implausible explanations, comparing his assertions to those made by Donald Trump after his election loss in November.

The controversial politician and business mogul claimed there was extensive voter fraud in favor of winning candidate Joe Biden, a claim that has since been refuted.

“Our former president Donald Trump has spoiled Deontay Wilder by saying you can say any falsehood, or any ludicrous thing and maybe some people believe it,” Arum said on Saturday on Fight Night.

“They believed it in Trump’s case and attacked the capital. Deontay Wilder’s comments are completely reckless.

“Whether it’s about Tyson Fury or Mark Breland, a fantastic guy, Deontay Wilder is making no sense.

“But hey, if the former president of the United States, who served for four years, doesn’t make sense, Deontay Wilder is just another Trumpian.”

Arum’s opinion is similar to that of Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, who has previously chastised Wilder.

The Matchroom boss warned earlier this month that Wilder has lost his mind and will face greater shame if he returns to the ring in the near future, referring to a recent interview in which the American referred to himself as a “king.”

Hearn says, “He’s fully lost his head, completely lost his mind.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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