After the Jake Paul incident, Floyd Mayweather’s team admits they’ve “never seen him that enraged.”


After the Jake Paul incident, Floyd Mayweather’s team admits they’ve “never seen him that enraged.”

On June 6, Floyd Mayweather will face Logan Paul in Miami.

Floyd Mayweather was enraged after Jake Paul stole his hat during a press conference for his bout with Logan Paul, and a source close to the 44-year-old has admitted that he’s “never seen him so mad.”

On June 6, Mayweather will compete in an exhibition bout against YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul.

The undefeated former multiple-weight world champion isn’t anticipated to have much issue dealing with the internet sensation.

Paul has only fought once as a professional, losing a split decision to YouTube competitor KSI in 2019.

It’s Mayweather’s second exhibition fight since defeating Conor McGregor in his last professional fight in 2017, but it’s unlikely to be his last.

Mayweather was seen fighting with the youngest of the two brothers, Jake, after the press conference for the fight against Logan.

After defeating former UFC fighter Ben Askren, Jake Paul is poised to face Tyron Woodley in his next bout, but he is rumored to be eyeing a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

When the two got face to face, Paul ripped Mayweather’s cap off his head, with the all-time great threatening to “murder” the YouTuber.

And Stephen Espinoza, Showtime’s President of Sports, has admitted that he’s never seen Mayweather as enraged as he was following the altercation with Paul.

He went on to compare the face-to-face to Mayweather vs. McGregor’s press tour throughout the world.

Espinoza stated, “I’ve never seen him so mad.”

“Not even during McGregor’s press tour, which was quite personal.

“Flatton and his crew did not plot or plan it. Jake, I believe, had it all planned out and capitalized on it in his own special way. Everything he produced out of it, from the tattoo to the goods.

“I believe Floyd affected the perception of the tournament in the same way that the McGregor press tour did. It went from being a spectacle to becoming clear that there is genuine hostility present.

“[The Jake incident] has given both sides a little more motivation.

“Floyd felt belittled. He was quite enraged.

“To be quite honest, he’s not that good an actor to express that amount of rage on.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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