After the Italian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen made some harsh remarks about Lewis Hamilton.


After the Italian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen made some harsh remarks about Lewis Hamilton.

As the two clash once more, Max Verstappen accuses Lewis Hamilton of’squeezing’ the Red Bull off the track.

After a dramatic incident at the Italian Grand Prix, when the two were dueling for position midway through the race, Max Verstappen alleges Lewis Hamilton “squeezed” out the Red Bull driver. As the title battle heated up once more in Monza, tensions boiled over at turn one.

On lap 26 of the race, as Hamilton emerged from the pits alongside the Dutchman, the two title rivals collided as they approached the first chicane, with neither of them appearing to want to concede on the run-up to turn two.

However, tragedy struck when Verstappen collided with the sausage kerbs and appeared to collect Hamilton, leaving the Red Bull and Mercedes stranded in the gravel.

Verstappen told Sky Sports F1: “Of course we knew it was going to be close into Turn 1.”

”He cut across just after the white line, so I had to move over to the green portion to avoid being touched. I went around the outside and, as you might expect, he just kept squeezing me, and I wanted to work with him because I wanted to race.

“Of course, people immediately start talking about Silverstone – but such things happen. Of course, it wasn’t pleasant at the time, but I believe we’re all professional enough to just get on with it and continue racing against each other.

“However, I didn’t anticipate him to keep squeezing, squeezing, squeezing when he didn’t have to. We would have raced out of Turn 2 anyhow, even if he had left me by a car width, and I believe he would have been in ahead.

“He just continued pushing me wider and wider till there was nowhere left for me to go, so he forced me into the sausage kerb. That’s why we collided at the conclusion of the day because the rear tyre rubbed up against his.

“To make a corner, you need two individuals to work together, and we’re competing for position. We unfortunately collided. What can you do if one of the guys refuses to work? It’s not going to work out.

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