After the accident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, which F1 drivers are backing?


After the accident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, which F1 drivers are backing?

F1 drivers weigh in on the shunt between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

The Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen drama occurred on Sunday, with the two title protagonists going head to head in a fierce duel that saw the Dutchman crash out on the first lap of the British Grand Prix. Formula One drivers have been reacting to the drama.

With Verstappen on pole, Hamilton put on the pressure for the first eight circuits, attempting to get around his major title challenger, before colliding with the Dutchman at high speed and spearing him into the barriers at Turn Nine.

After Verstappen was transported to the hospital for further checks, the British driver was given a ten-second time penalty, with Red Bull seething that it should have been a harsher penalty.

Although the Dutchman was discharged without serious injury, the fallout appears to have left its imprint on the Formula One paddock.

When asked what the stewards thought Hamilton should have done differently to avoid the collision, Michael Masi said, “I’m not sure that they express an opinion of what he should have done, but having looked at everything, their position was that he was largely to fault for that.”

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who finished second, had the greatest seat in the house, sitting close behind Hamilton as the two collided heading into Copse, but he couldn’t say who was to blame.

“Anything’s difficult to gauge it from the car; we’re quite low,” Leclerc explained. “As a result, it’s tough to see.

“Everything happened in a flash. I could clearly see that there were a lot of things going on in front of me. And, yes, I believe it is a racing-related occurrence.

“It’s tough to assign blame to one party or the other. On the inside, there was obviously room. While Lewis may not have been at the pinnacle, Max was certainly active on the outside. Things happen as a result.

“Today, the most essential thing is that Max is safe and sound.”

While viewing the video, Daniel Ricciardo, who finished fifth for McLaren on Sunday, shared his appraisal of the day’s major talking point.

“When you’re in such a high-speed corner and you’re simply side-by-side, you’re both going to lose aero, especially Lewis with Max kind of in.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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