After taking 56 penalties in the Canoe K1 final at Tokyo 2020, Kimberley Woods was in tears.


After taking 56 penalties in the Canoe K1 final at Tokyo 2020, Kimberley Woods was in tears.

Kimberley Woods couldn’t hide her emotions as she ended a Canoe K1 final with a slew of errors.

After collecting 56 penalties in her final run in the Canoe K1 at Tokyo 2020, Kimberley Woods was distraught. In her semi-final, the British Olympian finished second, behind Slovakia’s Eliska Mintalova.

After not receiving any penalty seconds in her semi-final, there were great hopes heading into the final that she would be able to add to Great Britain’s record of ten medals at this summer’s Olympics.

Woods, on the other hand, made a major error early in her final run, which plainly shattered her confidence.

The 25-year-old was clearly shaken by the error, as she appeared to be on the verge of giving up early in the race.

She slowed down for the rest of the race, taking up even more penalty seconds, knowing that an Olympic medal was out of the question.

Woods had earned 56 penalty seconds by the time she reached the finish of the circuit, and she was clutching her head in her hands.

In poignant circumstances for the British singer, tears quickly poured when she pulled up to meet with her coach.

Helen Reeves, an Olympic bronze medalist, was moved by Wood’s tenth-place finish.

On the BBC, Reeves remarked, “Kimberly Woods will be absolutely gutted.”

“She’s a fantastic paddler with a lot of time on her hands, but the first penalty really turned her off. She struggled to regain her composure after that.”

Woods was racing in her maiden final, and she would have finished sixth if she had duplicated her semi-final time in her final race.

Ricarda Funk of Germany won the gold medal with a 105.50-second run.

Maialen Chourraut of Spain won silver, slightly ahead of Jessia Fox of Australia.

Stefanie Horn of Italy narrowly missed a medal by two-tenths of a second.

George Taylor-Brown earned silver in the women’s triathlon on Tuesday, giving Great Britain a strong start in the medal table.

Then, in the 200m freestyle, Britain’s Tom Dean won gold, just ahead of compatriot Duncan Scott, for a surprising one-two finish.

Bianca Walkden, a three-time world taekwondo champion, had advanced to the +67kg semi-finals.

However, she was defeated in the final second of the match after her South Korean opponent hit a head kick in the dying seconds of the match.

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