After slipping, a Wimbledon ballgirl cries in pain, prompting medics to rush to her rescue.


After slipping, a Wimbledon ballgirl cries in pain, prompting medics to rush to her rescue.

On Court 4, play was halted when a ballgirl got medical attention after sliding.

On Friday, a ballgirl stumbled and appeared to be in significant agony on Court 4 at Wimbledon, with St Johns’ ambulance personnel providing medical help at the back of the court. Samantha Murray Sharan of the United Kingdom was competing in a mixed doubles match with her husband Divij Sharan against Ariel Behar and Galina Voskoboeva of Israel.

And there were worrisome moments midway through the play when a ballgirl at the rear of the court slipped over.

When play on the court was paused, one viewer said she “screamed in anguish.”

She was said to have slipped while running to pick up a tennis ball and was in excruciating pain.

Medics rushed to her aid, and the gamers were visibly concerned.

The ballgirl was reportedly stretchered off the court.

“The Ball Girl is receiving both medical and pastoral care,” according to a Wimbledon statement.

“Unfortunately, due to the confidentiality of medical data and her status as a juvenile, we are unable to provide any additional information.”

In their first mixed doubles match, Murray Sharan and her husband had grabbed a one-set lead.

After getting married in Manchester earlier that year, the couple performed a covert second wedding ceremony in 2019.

“We decided to have two ceremonies so that we could honor both of our cultures and customs that are significant to us with family and friends from both sides,” Sharan said at the time.

“We had to organize the events around our tennis schedules, so they were four months apart.”

After their marriage, the men’s doubles specialist said that he wished to compete in more mixed doubles events with his wife.

“We want to be able to participate in future combined activities so that we can really see each other!” Sharan remarked.

“Because life on tour is so hectic, I think it’s incredible that she’s also a tennis player.”

“She understands what it takes to be successful on the circuit, and we are here to help each other succeed.”


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