After reportedly organizing an attack on a teammate, a PSG player was arrested.


After reportedly organizing an attack on a teammate, a PSG player was arrested.

In the French capital, an extraordinary scenario is unfolding…

Paris Saint-Germain is a French football club. Aminata Diallo, a female midfielder, has been arrested on suspicion of being involved in an attack on teammate Kheira Hamraoui. While the inquiry is ongoing, Diallo is being held in police custody.

Hamraoui was attacked by masked individuals after a team lunch near the Bois de Boulogne in Paris on Thursday, November 4, according to L’Equipe.

She was on her way home with a few of her teammates, including Diallo, who was driving.

According to reports, two masked persons approached the car around 10 p.m. and one of them wrenched the passenger door open, dragging Hamraoui onto the street.

The assailants used an iron bar to strike the former Barcelona star’s legs before fleeing the scene, leaving the other party attendees, including Diallo, uninjured.

Shortly after the heinous assault, Hamraoui was brought to a Poissy hospital for treatment of injuries to her wrists and legs.

The incident, predictably, kept her out of PSG’s 4-0 Champions League victory over Real Madrid on Tuesday, which Diallo started.

PSG confirmed Diallo had been taken into police custody following last week’s terrible attack in a statement released on Wednesday.

“Paris Saint-Germain can confirm that Aminata Diallo was brought into custody by the Versailles Regional Police Service this morning as part of the processes started following an attack on the Club’s players last Thursday evening,” the statement stated.

“Paris Saint-Germain condemns the violence in the harshest terms possible.”

“The Club has taken all essential precautions to ensure the health, well-being, and safety of its entire women’s team since Thursday evening.”

“Paris Saint-Germain is collaborating with the Versailles Police Department to get to the bottom of the situation.” The Club is keeping a close eye on the proceedings and will consider what course of action to take.”

According to the details, the attack happened outside Hamraoui’s home, implying that the assailants knew her address.

Diallo, who is currently in the custody of the Versailles judiciary police, is in the same position as the 31-year-old.

After returning in the summer, Hamraoui would have made his 100th appearance for the Parisiens in Tuesday’s match against Real Madrid.

Instead, she’s nursing stitches in her wrists and legs as an investigation into a possible PSG internal feud proceeds.


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