After Red Bull voiced concerns regarding Mercedes’ rear wing ahead of the Qatar Grand Prix, the FIA took action.


After Red Bull voiced concerns regarding Mercedes’ rear wing ahead of the Qatar Grand Prix, the FIA took action.

The FIA will test rear wings in Qatar, according to Red Bull, after doubts were raised.

Following raising concerns over the legality of Mercedes’ rear wing, Red Bull says the FIA will assess all rear wings after qualifying for the Qatar Grand Prix. According to Red Bull, when driving down the straights at high speeds on the track, the supporting surface of Mercedes’ rear wing moves, lowering drag on the W12.

Red Bull has not filed a formal objection, but they have provided an image of “scoring markings” to “show an example” of what is going on at Mercedes.

Horner said to Sky Sports F1 about the image: “It’s only a piece of the puzzle; we’re not going to reveal the entire protest document here; it’s just to show you what’s going on and why we’re seeing this exponential straight-line speed.

“So the FIA has all of that; they’re the ones that can go check these things, and we’re really happy to see that they’ve introduced a fact-finding mission here, where they’ll be testing these wings after qualifying.”

Mercedes has refuted the claims against their vehicle, stating that the FIA has approved their rear wing’s legality.

Toto Wolff, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz, urged Horner to probe deeper into the matter during a press conference.

“You should go for it [and protest]if you’re motivated by skepticism because someone told you something and you assume that to be the fundamental cause,” he remarked.

“We’ve stated that we’ve been stopped 14 times on this specific rear wing, that the FIA has all of the drawings, and that there is no such thing as Red Bull believes.

“So we’re happy to ship it, cut it — I can send you one to [Red Bull’s Milton Keynes factory].”

Horner, on the other hand, was glad that the FIA would look into the matter further, disclosing that the governing body would conduct “pull tests” following qualifying.

He went on to say: “On the back of the wing, there will be a pull-down test. So, effectively, a weight will be applied to the back of the wing, probably around 7080 kg distributed over the wing, and it will be ramped up in stages.

“So you’ll see what you can do.” Brinkwire News Summary “..


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