After placing a hidden camera in her refrigerator, a woman was accused of being “creepy.”


After installing a hidden camera in her refrigerator, a woman was accused of being “creepy.”

A woman took to Reddit to explain why her food was disappearing.

She was irritated, however, when she was called “creepy” after installing a hidden camera in her refrigerator.

After installing a hidden camera in her refrigerator, a woman was irritated when she was called “creepy.”

The 20-year-old British woman used Reddit to explain that she lives with three other women in the same house.

She claimed she wanted to figure out who was stealing her food and drink.

She described how she had installed a ‘fridge camera’ and caught the culprit red-handed, calling it ‘unbelievably frustrating.’

When she confronted the thief, however, she was irritated to be told that she was wrong for invading her privacy.

Users on Reddit were split on who was to blame.

Said that the woman was correct because the ends justified the means because she discovered the perpetrator.

Others, on the other hand, claimed that regardless of the reason, the woman was wrong to record her flatmates without their permission.

“We have a shared fridge with a shelf for each of our belongings,” she explained.

I’ve noticed that my food and milk go missing frequently.

“I notice a large portion of my food and milk is gone several times a week.”

Having to buy and cook new food is excruciatingly frustrating, as well as time-consuming and costly.

“I’ve always assumed it’s Kate [fake name]because 1.) she’s up late at night (1-4 a.m.).”

I was sleeping at the time, and I usually notice my belongings missing in the morning. 2.) I asked everyone about it.

Sara and Zoe both deny stealing my belongings, but Kate gets defensive and says, “You shouldn’t accuse her when you don’t have proof.”

“I was complaining about it to a friend, and he said he was in a similar situation and bought a fridge camera,” she continued.

This struck me as a brilliant idea.

I bought one, hid it in the refrigerator, and decided to wait a week.

“It was Kate, who was raiding my food on a daily basis.”

I confronted her about it now that I had evidence.

I showed her the footage and told her she should never do it again and pay me back for what she took.

“She went ape***t, ape***t, ape***t, ape***

She remarked on how obnoxious it was of me to install a camera in the shared kitchen without first consulting the other residents, and how intrusive it was.

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