After people notice an X-rated gaffe, a woman’s ‘guardian angel’ tattoo is covered up.


TikTok user Bekah Miller was left with a rather raunchy tattoo on her back after her angelic inking was mistaken for something dirty – she has now got the design covered up

Getting a tattoo is a pretty definite decision.

Once it has been inked onto your body there is no going back.

Bekah Miller learned this the hard way after her innocent tattoo turned out more X-rated than intended.

Unfortunately for the TikTok user, she was told that her guardian angel back tattoo looked like a “woman eating a**.”

Despite Bekah’s angelic intentions for the tattoo, it appears the illustrated woman on her back is having a go on someone’s “butt cheeks” instead of being embraced by an angel wing.

Posting to her TikTok earlier this year, Bekah revealed the unintentionally explicit tatt.

Her clip racked up 18.4 million views and 1.1 million likes.

Many TikTok users cringed at the blunder and urged Bekah to get her saucy tattoo fixed.

So after two months of waiting, the TikToker got rid of the pleasure-giving temptress on her back.

In a much awaited update, Bekah shared her new and improved tattoo.

Tagging the tattoo artist @deanna_art, Bekah captioned the update: “Better than I could have even asked for!”

Bekah filmed the pain-staking cover-up process for her viewers.

And with the help of a talented artist, she managed to completely transform her inking.

The X-rated guardian angel inking has been replaced with a stunning rose and a woman hugging.

Having been kept in the dark for months over Bekah’s decision, people rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the tattoo fix.

One person joked: “Nice! RIP salad tossing tat.”

Another user added: “Omg This is GORGEOUS!!!!! And so much better. Obsessed.”

A third person noted: “ I’m so glad TikTok brought me back to this tattoo and I got to see your happy ending.”

Someone else said: “The closure we all didn’t know we needed. Lol.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user admitted: “It looks beautiful but I cannot unsee it now haha.”


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