After Mayweather-prelim Paul’s fight, ex-NFL standout ‘Ochocinco’ mentioned Conor McGregor.


After Mayweather-prelim Paul’s fight, ex-NFL standout ‘Ochocinco’ mentioned Conor McGregor.

Chad Johnson, a former NFL wide receiver, got his first taste of boxing action and stated he was ready to meet Conor McGregor.

Johnson, who was named to six Pro Bowls during his illustrious NFL career, is a longtime UFC fan who frequently attends events as a spectator — and occasionally as a member of the media.

And he crossed something off his bucket list by competing in his first boxing contest as part of the undercard for Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Johnson faced combat sports pro Brian Maxwell, who has participated in boxing, mixed martial arts, and bare-knuckle fighting with varied results.

Despite his opponent having a significant experience edge, the man known to his following of supporters as “Ochocinco” put up a valiant performance.

Throughout the first three rounds of the bout, Johnson used his southpaw jab and lunging approach to score multiple times with jabs to the more compact, but more static, Maxwell.

Maxwell, on the other hand, abandoned his more restrained style in Round 4 and went all out in an attempt to score a late halt.

And Johnson was in serious trouble when Maxwell hit him with a reckless, looping right hook as he attempted to lean away from his opponent’s strikes.

As “Ochocinco’s” first taste of a competitive boxing battle included a first taste of the canvas, the shot sent Johnson crashing face-first into the mat.

Johnson, to his credit, got back up and even gave his opponent a high-five in acknowledgment of the shot as the referee called a standing eight count.

Johnson made it through the rest of the round to carry the bout to a conclusion.

Chad Johnson is knocked out in the fourth round by Brian Maxwell #JohnsonMaxwell #MayweatherPaul

However, because the fight was held as an exhibition, no winner was declared when both fighters raised their hands.

After the fight, Johnson complimented his opponent and Mayweather’s management for allowing him to compete, before declaring, “I think I’m ready for McGregor!”

Johnson and former two-division UFC champion McGregor had met before, with Johnson asking McGregor if he should bet on him in his bout versus Donald at the UFC 246 pre-fight press conference. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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