After Max Verstappen’s lap was ‘destroyed,’ Red Bull received an explanation from AlphaTauri.


After Max Verstappen’s lap was ‘destroyed,’ Red Bull received an explanation from AlphaTauri.

After an incident during qualifying, AlphaTauri provides an explanation to sister team Red Bull.

After receiving criticism from members of the Red Bull team, including team principal Christian Horner, during qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix, AlphaTauri team boss Frank Tost has defended his rookie driver Yuki Tsunoda.

After being instructed to give his teammate Pierre Gasly a tow around the circuit in Q3, Tsunoda found himself in a predicament in the final few moments of the session.

However, the young Japanese driver got himself into trouble when he learned that Red Bull’s Sergio Perez was closing in on him on a fast lap and that he had few options to avoid the Mexican.

Tsunoda had to leave the track to clear the way for the Red Bull driver, kicking up dust in the process.

However, Perez made a mistake and went wide, almost colliding with the AlphaTauri driver, who was followed closely by championship leader and teammate Max Verstappen.

Verstappen, who remained on the track throughout the incident, admitted that he slowed down because he couldn’t figure out what had happened and feared it might have been a crash, jeopardizing his final flying lap for pole position.

Horner claimed that Red Bull had been “Tsunoda’d” after the session, and that he couldn’t understand why the rookie was out on track at all given his grid penalty and starting from the back of the grid.

Tost, the team’s captain, had a straightforward explanation.

Tost started by saying, “He gave a tow to Pierre [Gasly].”

“It’s that simple.

We also desired to be in the presence of [Lando] Norris.

So there were two reasons he was [off track].”

“It wasn’t a mistake; he did it on purpose.”

We told him Perez was on his way, and he moved to the side to avoid disturbing them or being in front of them.

“I have no idea why Perez went off the rails there, to be honest.”

“Yuki moved to the side, as do all the drivers in qualifying, to make room for the cars coming up behind him who are on a qualifying lap.”

“He wasn’t a qualifying lap,” says the driver.

It’s as simple as that.

That’s why I’m baffled.”

On Sunday, Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas will start on pole, followed by Verstappen’s main rival, Lewis Hamilton.

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