After Manchester United’s homecoming, Cristiano Ronaldo paid a touching tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson.


After Manchester United’s homecoming, Cristiano Ronaldo paid a touching tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken out on his return to Manchester United.

After completing his spectacular Manchester United comeback, Cristiano Ronaldo delivered a heartfelt letter to former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. A fascinating odyssey has come to a close with the famous forward returning to Old Trafford 12 years after leaving in a then-world-record trade to Real Madrid.

Following an extraordinary few days, the Red Devils confirmed Ronaldo’s arrival on Tuesday morning. The 36-year-old announced his desire to quit Juventus on Thursday, and it appeared that he would join United’s bitter rivals Manchester City.

United, on the other hand, rushed to the head of the line on Friday, announcing that an agreement had been reached for Ronaldo to return to the club. On Tuesday, the transfer was confirmed.

During the course of the discussions, Ronaldo has kept a low profile. He is presently practicing for the international break with the Portugal squad.

He did, however, send a lengthy Instagram message to United supporters, which he signed off with a commitment to Ferguson.

Ronaldo joined the club from Sporting Lisbon in 2003, and the Scot is credited with having had a significant influence on his career.

They won three Premier League titles and the 2008 Champions League together.

PS – Sir Alex, this one is for you…” said Ronaldo as he signed off his post.

“I can’t even begin to convey my thoughts right now, as I witness my return to Old Trafford proclaimed around the world,” the post stated.

“After all the times I went back to play against Manchester United, and even as an opponent, to constantly feel such love and respect from the fans in the stands, it’s like a dream come true.

“This is the stuff that dreams are made of!” exclaims the narrator.

“My first local league, my first cup, my first call-up to the Portuguese national team, my first Champions League, my first Golden Boot, and my first Ballon d’Or all sprang from this unique bond I have with Manchester United.

“History has already been written, and history will be written again! You’ve got my word!”

“I’m right here!” says the narrator. I’ve returned to my rightful place! Let’s make it happen this time!

“PS – This one is for you, Sir Alex…”


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