After losing at UFC 262, Michael Chandler makes a title promise: ‘The best is yet to come.’


After losing at UFC 262, Michael Chandler makes a title promise: ‘The best is yet to come.’

Former Bellator champion talks about his TKO loss in the UFC 262 title battle.

Michael Chandler’s first attempt at the UFC lightweight title resulted in a loss to Brazil’s Charles Oliveira at UFC 262 in Houston, Texas. However, the typically upbeat American is taking the loss in stride, promising his supporters that he’ll bounce back and finish his quest before hanging up his four-ounce gloves.

In a bout that saw the momentum swing back and forth in the first five minutes, Chandler had a great first round against Oliveira.

Chandler fought back to his feet and appeared to have the Brazilian in significant danger in the dying stages of the round after staying out of trouble on the mat as Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Oliveira attempted to create an opening for a submit.

Chandler, on the other hand, was unable to score before the buzzer, and both men returned to their respective corners.

Oliveira stunned Chandler by dropping him with a left hook at the opening of the second round, then rushed the still-dazed American, dropping him a second time before finishing him on the canvas with blows for a second-round TKO finish and the vacant undisputed UFC lightweight title.

Chandler was generous in defeat as he gave tribute to his opponent after his defeat.

“I believe we witnessed one of the toughest dudes on the globe overcome hardship. After his loss, Charles Oliveira told Joe Rogan, “Charles Oliveira is the real deal.”

“I don’t deprive him of anything. I shall return.

“I assure you, within the next 12 months, I’m going to win that UFC title. This was a fantastic chance. I appreciate the opportunity provided by the UFC.

“Charles Oliveira demonstrated his ability to be a consummate professional. He’s been here in the UFC octagon for the past 10, 11 years.

“This one will be returned to us. We’re going to have to run this one back at some point.”

After hitting the gym for a workout following his loss, Chandler took to Instagram to post an update from his car, thanking his supporters for their support and vowing to fulfill his objective of becoming the world’s UFC lightweight champion.

“We’re getting back on track after a challenging weekend, a tough loss, and a terrific opportunity that we missed.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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