After leaving Love Island, Liam Reardon reveals his new career path.


Following his exit from Love Island, Liam Reardon reveals his new career path.

Liam Reardon was a bricklayer when he entered the Love Island villa, but he and Millie Court won the show.

Liam Reardon, a Welsh hunk, however, is not looking for fame.

Liam Reardon, a former bricklayer, has no plans to return to reality television. Instead, the Love Island winner wants to start his own property business, which he will buy, renovate, and then sell.

“I loved being a brickie before winning Love Island,” Liam told The Sun. “I want to go into the property business.”

From the New Year onwards, the 6’6″ hunk from Methyr Tydfil in South Wales plans to concentrate on his business.

And he’s already considered it.

“I’ll start in Wales because house prices are much lower there,” he explained.

“Plus, it’s the area where I have all of my friends who work in the same industry as me.”

“It has an electrician, a plumber, and a carpenter.”

They can all assist and participate in the business.

“Because my father is also in the property business, he can offer me advice and assistance.”

He’s the reason I want to do it.”

Liam and his girlfriend Millie Court have just purchased a beautiful four-bedroom apartment in Essex for £1 million.

Liam’s long-term goal is to renovate properties in the neighborhood.

“Hopefully, after that, I’ll be able to start doing up properties in Essex and elsewhere,” he said.

“I am driven to succeed and am passionate about real estate.”

Teddy Soares and Faye Winter, as well as Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran, Liam and Millie’s fellow finalists and former Islanders, have moved into new homes with their partners.

Liam has recently rubbed shoulders with some celebrities, despite the fact that he isn’t pursuing fame.

“After the Pride of Britain awards, I met Peter Andre and spoke with Ashley Banjo, and they gave me some excellent advice.”

“They advised me to enjoy the ride, seize opportunities as they arise, and keep things in perspective.

“Before Love Island, I looked at these people as massive celebrities I’d never met, and it’s crazy to think we’re now chatting like normal people.”

“And I’ve talked to Kem a lot – he’s from Romford, like Millie, so they shared that.”

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