After Kimi Raikkonen’s retirement was revealed, Lewis Hamilton paid him a tribute, saying, “He’ll be missed.”


After Kimi Raikkonen’s retirement was revealed, Lewis Hamilton paid him a tribute, saying, “He’ll be missed.”

The Iceman has stated that his 19th season in Formula One will be his final, and that he will retire at the end of the 2021 season.

Lewis Hamilton has joined the chorus of admirers who have paid tribute to Kimi Raikkonen since he announced his retirement from Formula One. The Iceman has announced that he will retire from Formula One at the end of the current season, 20 years after making his debut with Sauber.

Raikkonen will be in his 19th season of racing in 2021, with two extended periods separated by a two-year break during which he pursued other racing interests.

Last year, the Finn set a new record for the most F1 starts, and he leaves a legacy of 21 race wins and one world championship with Ferrari in 2007.

According to Hamilton, who led the tributes, Raikkonen has always been a big figure in the paddock and a “tough but very, very fair opponent on the track” despite his modest demeanor.

“I remember before I went into Formula 1, I’d always be in Kimi’s car in computer games,” the seven-time world champion stated.

“So I had this weird experience of racing against him, losing a title to him, and then having many fantastic clashes with him. “He will be much missed.”

Fernando Alonso, who also lost the 2007 title to Raikkonen and was his Ferrari teammate in 2014, echoed his sentiments about the Finn’s ability and class on the track.

“He’s always been fair, always been respectful, always been a fierce competition, but he’s also been cool… “There will be no tricks,” the Spaniard declared.

“In that regard, I shall miss him because when you were side by side, you knew you could trust Kimi. He’ll never do anything wild or risk putting you in harm’s way.”

Sebastian Vettel, another ex-teammate, joked that he would miss his former Ferrari partner most for his “quiet,” adding: “He’s a fantastic talent, and seeing that first-hand as a team mate for some years was astonishing.”

“It’s just the amount of speed he has right away, and the skill he has to adapt to different cars and conditions. He deserved to be there and had a long and successful career.”

Raikkonen is known for his unique sense of humor as well as being a great racer on the track. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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