After her daughter’s stepmother allows her to watch Squid Game, the woman is enraged.


Squid Game has become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix, but it’s probably not appropriate for young children to watch, at least one woman simply didn’t mind

Everyone’s talking about the hit Netflix series Squid Game.

The South Korean show features hundreds of cash-strapped contestants competing in children’s games for an eye-watering prize.

While it might sound innocent, the gory-programme comes with a sinister twist which has gripped millions of viewers worldwide.

Since its popularity has been a huge talking point, many schools have issued warnings to parents about children watching it.

But there are some who simply have no problem with letting their kids watch it, as one woman has revealed.

An unnamed step-mum from the US has taken to Reddit to ask for advice after watching an episode with her partner’s daughter, 10.

The child told her she’d been watching the programme at her mum’s house, so the other woman didn’t see a problem.

But when the mum found out, she was furious and it’s safe to say it caused some issues.

She wrote: “My SD (step-daughter), 10, was at our house last weekend and asked me if I wanted to watch Squid Game on Netflix.

“I saw it pop up on my own Netflix a few days prior but didn’t read the description or anything like that.

“SD told me she had already watched five episodes but that she would watch from the beginning for me.”

She added: “So…I said, ‘Sure!’ and she and I watched episode one. Only one episode.

“SD even went on to finish the series on her own at her mum’s house.

“Episode one was bloody and stuff, but I figured since she had already watched five episodes at home, it was ok with her mum.

“SD was not afraid of anything we watched. We even talked about how everything in movies is fake, special effects, etc…

“Well, apparently it wasn’t ok with BM (biologically mum).”

The woman went onto say how her daughter’s teacher made a comment about how inappropriate the show was for kids.

She continued: “BM went off on SO, but turns out that SD had watched the first five episodes and the rest on her mother’s laptop.

“I’ve got a son, so I am a mum too and I understand we don’t want our kids watching things with themes they don’t understand.

“But unbeknownst to BM, SD WATCHED THE WHOLE SERIES AT HER MUM’S HOUSE, yet it’s our fault?”

The woman added that she. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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