After going the distance with Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul sends a message to the skeptics.


After going the distance with Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul sends a message to the skeptics.

Logan Paul, a YouTube sensation, did the unthinkable by going the distance with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match.

Throughout their eight-round fight at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Paul hung tough and displayed a strong chin as he took a lot of hard shots from the boxing veteran.

Despite being overwhelmed in terms of boxing, Paul was able to claim a moral win by making it to the end of their fight.

The battle began slowly, but as Paul slowed toward the conclusion, Mayweather began to load up on his shots in an attempt to score a late stoppage.

Despite landing some solid blows, none of Mayweather’s shots bothered Paul, who handled the boxing superstar’s jabs admirably to reach the final bell.

During his post-fight interview, Paul sent a message to his critics by raising his hands aloft after going the distance.

“You’re a jerk, man. He declared, “I don’t want anyone to ever tell me anything is impossible again.”

“The fact that I’m in here with one of the greatest boxers of all time shows that you can beat the odds.

“My name is ‘The Maverick.’ I’m the unconventional one, the independent one, and I believe that everyone has it in them to overcome obstacles and achieve amazing things in life, and I want everyone to know that. That is the message I am conveying.

Paul then went to Mayweather and his staff, expressing his admiration for the 50-0 great and his team.

“It’s been an honor, Floyd Mayweather,” he remarked.

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“I despise being a jerk, but I adore you guys. I adore each and every one of you.

“This is one of the most significant events in my life. I’m overjoyed.

He then stated that he couldn’t be certain if he made it to the end of the fight because of his pure willpower and toughness, or because Mayweather simply let him.

He laughed, “You never know with this guy.”

“I’m going to think to myself, ‘Did Floyd let me live?’ He’s one of the GOATS, and in many respects, he has complete control over the sport, which is what makes him so brilliant.

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