After getting high, Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream mistook himself for a badger.


After getting high, Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream mistook himself for having sex with a badger.

Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream has been open about his wild experiences over the years, and his latest book, Tenement Kid, details his reality as a class-act rock star.

Bobby Gillespie, a rocker, recalled being so high on drugs that he thought he was having sex with a badger.

When his girlfriend morphed into the animal, the Primal Scream frontman was on a mind-bending acid trip.

Bobby, 59, claimed that when he was a kid in Glasgow, he and his ex-girlfriend Karen Parker would go to The Griffin and buy LSD.

“One night Karen and I returned to my house after scoring acid at The Griffin,” he explained.

We were in bed, and she transformed into a badger-like creature during sex, revealing her true feral sexuality to me.

“One of the things I liked about drugs was how they dismantled the daily barriers that people put up to protect themselves – all inhibitions are blown away by the winds of lust.”

The singer claimed that in the 1980s, he and his friends pumped themselves full of acid in order to become as spaced out as their musical heroes.

“We were tripping all the time in the summer of 1984,” Bobby explained.

Jim Morrison, Lux Interior, Roky Erickson, Syd Barrett, and Arthur Lee were among our psychedelic heroes.

“We just felt like if we’re going to play psychedelic music, we need to take psychedelic drugs to be psychedelic.”

You must go on the trip and have an adventure.

“I honestly believed it would assist me in writing songs.”

When you’re high on f***ing acid, you obviously can’t write anything.

You’ve been bombed out.”

“My times with Karen were golden,” he writes in his new book Tenement Kid.

“Love is an odd thing.”

Bobby told iNews after the publication of his book that he had stopped using hard drugs and alcohol 13 years ago.

“I did a lot of therapy,” he continued, “and I believe that helped me reveal myself and write about emotional vulnerability.”

He expanded on his wild experiences in the book, as well as his challenges as a child and the setting of his family’s home.

Bobby rose to fame in his twenties when he joined Primal Scream as the lead singer and founding member in 1982.

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