After Frazer Clarke’s disputed DQ loss, his opponent organized a furious hour-long protest.


After Frazer Clarke’s disputed DQ loss, his opponent organized a furious hour-long protest.

After Mourad Aliev was disqualified, Frazer Clarke advanced to the super-heavyweight semi-finals.

Mourad Aliev staged a sit-in protest after being disqualified in a peculiar super-heavyweight quarter-final bout between Frazer Clarke and Mourad Aliev. Aliev was leading the fight after the first round in what was turning out to be a high-octane fight.

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Clarke had leveled the bout going into the second round, but the fight was controversially stopped by referee Andrew Mustacchio.

Aliev was found to have used his head excessively since Clarke had cuts above both of his eyes.

After Clarke was named the winner, the 26-year-old was visibly furious and expressed his displeasure.

Aliev reacted by stomping on one of the ringside cameras and loudly screamed “no.”

Clarke then pleaded with Aliev to respect the referee’s decision and attempted to embrace the enraged Frenchman.

Aliev then conducted a sit-in protest inside the Kokugikan Arena, adding to the drama.

He refused to leave the ring, however he did leave for a 10-minute bathroom break before returning.

Aliev was claimed to have waited inside the ring for about an hour before calling an end to his protest.

The drama that led to Clarke’s advancement to the semi-finals, ensuring him a bronze medal, was difficult for the British boxer to bear.

However, the 29-year-old was confident that the referee made the correct choice.

He said, “I’m an Olympic medalist; a win is a win.”

“However, it is not how I had envisioned it ending up.

“It was a head clash; it’s the fourth time I’ve boxed him [Aliev] and the fifth cut I’ve had, and none of the cuts have been punches.

“I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence or not, but it’s not how the game should be played; I’m not saying he did it on purpose, but these things happen.

“The referee is in there to perform his job,” Clarke continued. I felt like I was coming out on top if it were up to me, and after a slow first round, I thought I was.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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