After finishing third, Lewis Hamilton seeks a doctor for ‘fatigue and disorientation.’


After finishing third, Lewis Hamilton seeks a doctor for ‘fatigue and disorientation.’

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton paid a visit to the team doctor.

After finishing third in the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton needed to consult a Mercedes team doctor. During his post-race interview, the Brit looked weary and was a shell of himself on the podium.

The seven-time world champion visited the team’s medical staff shortly after earning his trophy.

Mercedes announced that their driver had been delayed from his TV pen and press conference obligations due to “fatigue and minor disorientation.”

After a little wait, Hamilton was questioned by the media about his health.

Hamilton said, “I’m fine.” “I was dizzy and everything on the podium seemed a little hazy.

“After what happened at the end of last year [contracting Covid], I’ve been trying to stay healthy this year. It’s still a fight.”

Despite feeling ill, Hamilton drove admirably to secure the final podium slot by clawing his way from the back of the race.

The 36-year-old started on pole, but a poor decision to not pit during an early restart dropped him to the bottom of the field.

Esteban Ocon was able to win his maiden Formula One race as a result of this.

“First and foremost, I want to congratulate Esteban, who has been a brilliant star for so long,” Hamilton remarked.

“It’s been a long time in the making, and I’m ecstatic for him. It’s also fantastic to see Aston Martin up there – this is their best performance ever, and I’m sure there’s more to come.

“Today was unquestionably difficult. We make things difficult for ourselves all the time.

“At the outset, it was absurd to think we were the only ones on the grid, but things happen.

“In the end, I sacrificed everything I had, and I had nothing left.”

“I mean, I was telling the crew how the track was thought the lap,” Hamilton said when asked about the astonishing incident, which was undoubtedly the first of its sort.

“However, they indicated it was going to rain when I got in the car, so I assumed they had more information. Everyone was jumping in.

“We arrived here this weekend with no idea how things would turn out.

“Given the circumstances, I think I’ll take it.”


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