After Deontay Wilder’s KO, Tyson Fury’s promoter takes a go at Anthony Joshua, calling him “frightened.”


After Deontay Wilder’s KO, Tyson Fury’s promoter takes a go at Anthony Joshua, calling him “frightened.”

On Saturday night, Tyson Fury defeated Deontay Wilder in a trilogy battle with a devastating knockout in the 11th round.

Frank Warren, Tyson Fury’s promoter, has taken a go at by claiming that the Gypsy King’s horrific knockout of would have scared him. On Saturday night, he put an end to his heavyweight feud with Wilder with a resounding victory.

In the eleventh round, the Manchester giant landed a stunning right hand that sent Wilder flying to the canvas, leading the referee to immediately stop the fight.

Fury, who has since claimed to be the best heavyweight of his generation, dominated for the majority of the fight but had to get up twice in the fourth round after Wilder landed a devastating right hand.

Fury had entire control of the fight before providing a decisive conclusion. The Bronze Bomber had been felled himself the round before and was badly damaged in the middle rounds as Fury took complete control of the fight before delivering a conclusive finish.

Warren, who was ringside in Las Vegas on Saturday night, believes Fury’s performance demonstrated the class divide between him and Joshua.

“Look at the comparison between Tyson’s and AJ’s performances,” he continued. If Joshua had only observed that, he would have been terrified to death.” Joshua was set to fight Fury in an undisputed title battle earlier this year, but a US judge determined that Wilder had a contractual right to a third fight with the Briton.

After his spectacular victory against Wilder, Fury claimed to have settled the discussion over who is the finest heavyweight in the world.

“We’ll see,” the WBC world champion said. “I’ve just earned a well-deserved break, I’ve only been home two weeks in six months, so I’m going to relish in this victory before I start thinking about fighting other men.”

“I got off the floor to do it, and I am the big dog in this division.”

Warren echoed Fury’s thoughts, claiming that no other heavyweight in the world could have stood up after being struck by Wilder’s concussive right hand.

“It was historic, wasn’t it?” he said on the Weekend Sports Breakfast. To tell you the truth, that was the best live heavyweight battle I’ve ever witnessed.

“It was incredible.” “Brinkwire Summary News” for both.


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