After declining a rematch with Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley is looking forward to his next boxing match.


After opting out of a rematch with Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley is looking forward to his next boxing match.

Tyron Woodley is looking forward to his next fight after opting not to fight Jake Paul again.

Tyron Woodley is set to return to the ring, but not against Jake Paul.

After opting out of a rematch with previous opponent Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley is expected to return to the ring.

In August of this year, Woodley fought Paul in his first professional boxing match in Cleveland, Ohio, but the YouTuber-turned-boxer won on points over the former UFC star.

Following his loss, it appeared that Woodley was eager for a rematch with the American internet sensation, but no rematch was ever agreed upon, and Paul instead chose to fight Tommy Fury in his next fight.

As a result, the mixed martial artist has been forced to seek work elsewhere, and it now appears that he will return to the ring to face fellow ex-UFC star Dan Hardy.

Hardy, a former UFC welterweight challenger, is expected to face Woodley next after the two have spent the last few months exchanging blows and trash talk on social media, with Hardy mocking Woodley’s performance against Paul.

As a result, Hardy has since revealed that he and Woodley had agreed to a boxing match, with only Woodley’s hesitation to see it delaying confirmation.

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The Englishman explained, “My contract is signed, and I know he has a contract in front of him, and the deadline is approaching, and he refuses to sign it for reasons I don’t understand.”

Hardy then mocked Woodley’s apprehension, dubbing him ‘The Frozen One’ rather than ‘The Chosen One.’

“I don’t know what the deal is because terms have been agreed upon,” the Outlaw continued.

“Money has been agreed upon, as has the date, the rules and conditions, the weight class—everything has been agreed upon.”

“However, he has yet to sign the agreement.”

As a result, you provide me with information.

Why haven’t you signed it, Tyron Woodley, Frozen One?”

Hardy previously worked as a pundit and commentator for BT Sport, the UFC’s British TV partner, but was fired earlier this year.

In order to fight Paul, Woodley let his UFC contract expire earlier this summer, so both parties appear to be available for a fight.


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