After breaking bones in a horrific GB crash, the Dutch Olympic cyclist has no memories of it.


After breaking bones in a horrific GB crash, the Dutch Olympic cyclist has no memories of it.

After a terrible crash with Katy Marchant, Laurine van Riessen is recovering in the hospital.

Laurine van Riessen, a Dutch cyclist, injured her collarbone and ribs in a velodrome crash with Katy Marchant on Thursday and claims she has no memory of the incident. Before calamity struck on the penultimate lap, the two riders were favorites to advance in their keirin semi-final.

Marchant launched her outside move on the penultimate curve, needing to get by Van Riessen.

However, before colliding with her adversary, the Dutch rider lost control of her front wheel.

As the four other riders continued to finish the race, the two fell to the ground hard.

Marchant was able to get back on her bike and continue the race, but medics went to Van Riessen’s help, who was still lying on the course.

After being knocked unconscious for a short time, Van Riessen had to be stretchered away.

She was brought to the hospital, where it was discovered she had had multiple injuries.

The Dutch cyclist suffered a bruised lung in addition to shattering her collarbone and ribs.

Van Riessen has no recollection of the event with Marchant, although she is claimed to be in good spirits.

“She is fine, but she has no recollection of the fall,” a spokesperson for the Dutch track team stated.

“She was able to express that the discomfort is primarily in her shoulder. She is accompanied by the team doctor.”

Marchant’s collapse destroyed her chances of winning a medal in the keirin, but her major concern after the race was for Van Riessen’s safety.

“I believe it was just bike racing at the wrong time and at the wrong place, but I just hope everyone involved is okay.

Marchant later claimed, “I think I’m alright, just a little battered and bruised but yeah, I’m alright.”

“I’m not sure what occurred because I was so concentrated on pushing forward. I’m not sure if she clipped someone on the side and her wheels just took mine out as she fell.

“I needed to finish the race in case something came up on the relegation results or anything like that.

“I don’t know what happened, but it was just the wrong place at the wrong moment, and I got caught up in it.”


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