After Aston Martin hired Team Principal ‘Mike Krack,’ F1 fans all made the same Simpsons joke.


After Aston Martin hired Team Principal ‘Mike Krack,’ F1 fans all crack the same Simpsons joke.

Following Mike Krack’s appointment as Aston Martin F1’s new Team Principal, Formula One fans couldn’t stop themselves from posting memes featuring Moe Szyslak from The Simpsons.

Mike Krack has been named as Aston Martin’s new Team Principal, and Formula One fans are all laughing.

The world of sport has seen its fair share of amusing names in recent weeks, including Raymond van Barneveld’s manager Ben de Kok at the PDC World Darts Championship and Jeremy van der Winkel vs Jules van Dongen at Q School.

While darts fans marvel at their Winkels and Koks, F1 fans are showing their love for a little Krack.

Krack, 49, will be in charge of assisting Aston Martin in achieving their long-term goal of winning Formula One world championships, which did not seem to bother fans of the sport on social media.

On Twitter, most fans joked about the new boss’s name being Moe Szyslak, a Simpsons character.

Bart Simpson prank calling bar owner Moe in his tavern is one of the most popular and longest-running gags on television.

Bart calls Moe anonymously and asks to speak to someone in the bar with a made-up name in a time before cell phones.

“IP Freely,” “Jacques Strap,” and “Mike Rotch” are among the most popular requests.

Let us know in the comments section if you think Aston Martin will win an F1 world championship in the next five years.

When Moe yells, “Is that person in the bar?” the patrons all laugh at the amusing – and fictitious – name.

Moe usually throws a fit at the ‘anonymous’ caller at the end of the scene, while Bart cracks up on the other line.

F1 fans have made a playful comparison between new Aston Martin boss Krack’s name and the ones Moe usually yells out on the hit sitcom.

The majority chose to share Moe memes, but some openly embraced their childish humour.

“I have the wit of a four-year-old,” one person wrote.

“Mike Krack coming to twitter reading all the jokes already made about him,” someone else wrote.

“What’s next? Ben Dover as Seb’s race engineer???” a third person speculated.

Despite the negative feedback he received on social media, Krack is excited to begin working for one of the most well-known automotive brands in the world.

“Astonishing,” he declared.

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