After a tumultuous Belgian Grand Prix, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff condemns a ‘annoying’ F1 decision.


After a tumultuous Belgian Grand Prix, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff condemns a ‘annoying’ F1 decision.

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, has slammed the decision to award half points to drivers despite no competitive racing taking place at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Despite only two safety car circuits, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has slammed the decision to award drivers half points at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The race at Spa-Francorchamps on Sunday was postponed due to severe rain, and when it finally got underway one than three hours after the scheduled start time, the red flags were quickly deployed. However, half points were accepted, resulting in grid positions becoming final places, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen taking the win ahead of George Russell in second and Lewis Hamilton in third.

Wolff was enraged by the fact that both Hamilton and Mercedes had their respective leads in the drivers’ and constructors’ standings slashed.

With his victory, Verstappen earned 12.5 points, while Hamilton earned 7.5 for finishing third, giving the seven-time world champion a three-point lead over his adversary.

Meanwhile, Mercedes leads Red Bull in the Constructors’ standings by just seven points heading into next week’s Dutch Grand Prix.

Wolff, 49, was perplexed as to why the cars followed the safety car.

After Lewis Hamilton’s outburst, the FIA explains why the Belgian Grand Prix was not postponed until Monday.

After the race, Wolff told Austrian television ORF, “These half points are bothersome.” “However, that is how the rules are.”

Wolff believes the FIA made the right move by not beginning the race fully, but he doesn’t understand why cars started behind the safety car.

“Not starting the race was the proper decision,” he continued, “but the procedure behind the safety car could possibly have been omitted.”

After a significant rain delay, Max Verstappen won the Belgian Grand Prix, closing the gap on Lewis Hamilton. During the Belgian Grand Prix delay, Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo exchanged amusing radio exchanges. Toto Wolff confirms Mercedes’ choice between George Russell and Valtteri Bottas.

Russell, 23, earned his first ever podium finish in Formula One, and Wolff said this weekend that a private decision had been taken on whether the British driver will replace Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes for the 2022 season.

“Yes,” Wolff answered when asked if he knew who his drivers would be for next year. We would have made the decision sooner if it had been an easy one, because we know what we’re doing.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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