After a near-crash at the Tokyo Olympics, Team GB was in tears as Italians ‘p***ed off’ with rowers.


After a near-crash at the Tokyo Olympics, Team GB was in tears as Italians ‘p***ed off’ with rowers.

In an unexpected result early on Wednesday, the Great Britain men’s coxless four missed out on a medal.

In a wild race for the race’s hot-favourites, the British foursome in the men’s coxless four final almost collided with the Italian crew. Oliver Cook, Matthew Rossiter, Rory Gibbs, and Sholto Carnegie were all Olympic debutants, marking the first time that no one from the squad had returned to defend their championship since 2004.

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Team GB and Australia were set to compete for gold in a two-horse race.

However, it became evident early in the race that Great Britain was having major steering problems.

They were continually swerving off line, and in their bid to claw their way onto the podium, they nearly collided with the Italians.

The British quartet avoided a crash by adjusting their course just in time, but they still finished fourth.

Italy finished third for a bronze medal, although Rossiter revealed after the final that he believes the British team lost their opponents a silver medal.

Rossiter stated, “We fully biffed into the Italians.”

“They’re pissed because we may have cost them the silver, and we apologize to those folks.

“It’s an outdoor activity, so things like this happen.

“It’s incredibly devastating when it’s you and not something on YouTube,” James Cracknell, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in rowing, predicted the Italians would file an appeal.

He explained, “Someone in the British group blew up.”

“The only way your steering goes like that is when someone completely runs out of juice,” he added. “If I were on the Italian crew, I’d have my hand up right now and I’d be appealing because that cost the Italians at least a silver medal.” Cook admitted after the race that he was the one in charge of the British team’s steering.

And after the race, he cried as he apologized to his teammates.

“I need to analyse it,” he says, “but I think I screwed up a little bit and lost the steering as I was closing in at the end and taking big strokes at the end aiming for the line and that’s what cost us to be honest, cost us a medal.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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