After a customer leaves a harsh note on the bill and does not tip, a Hooters employee ‘cries.’


Hooters girl Mia said the customers ordered 25 tequila shots and a load of food, which made their bill total £450 – but they complained to the waitress and refused to leave a tip

A Hooters waitress was left in tears when she didn’t receive a tip.

Unlike her typical tables, this large party required a lot of assistance as they spent $624 (£454) on food and drinks.

Mia, 21, said the customer blamed her for not reminding her about the amount they’d spent on their bar tab.

As a result, the only tip she got from the customer was a rude note on the receipt.

Explaining the story on TikTok, she said: “Basically this girl I went to high school with, came in with her family to celebrate her dad’s birthday.

“The mum came in and said ‘bring us some Don Julio, we’re drinking good today’. I bring them the shots, at the time, the shots of Don Julio at my job is $18 (£13) and they ended up ordering 25 of them.”

She continued: “They also ordered a bunch of food – they are five adults and one kid.

“When the mum asked for the check, she’s like ‘if you would have told me the tab was this high, maybe you would have gotten a tip’.”

Mia then allegedly told her that she wasn’t there to “pocket-watch” and suggested she shouldn’t go out to eat if she can’t afford to pay the bills.

The woman ended up paying the bill without adding any tips, and she spilled all the ketchup on the table and knocked over the drinks before leaving the restaurant.

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“She tipped me nothing, that’s why I cried,” said Mia.

Then she showed the receipt, which the customer had written “F*** you” on and drawn a picture of a middle finger.

Her video has sparked a debate on the tipping culture in the US.

Some said people who don’t tip are being ignorant and “cheap”.

But others argued it wouldn’t hurt if she had given the family a friendly reminder of the tab.

One wrote: “You can just tell who hasn’t worked in the food industry just by their ‘tips are not mandatory’ comments.’

Another penned: “I always tip 18%, but I’ll never understand why if I order a $200 steak, the tip is $36. But a $20 steak, the tip is $3.60, for the same service.”

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