After a 73-dart leg at Q School, darts fans joke about “silence for the marker.”


After an incredible 73-dart leg at Q School, darts fans joke about’silence for the marker.’

Darts fans were left speechless when the scorecard from Marc Inhaler and Justin Frerichs’ Q-School match went viral, with Frerichs busting out 12-times-in-a-row.

After an incredible 73-leg darts match between the Swiss Marc Inhaler and the German Justin Frerichs at Q-School, darts fans joked about’silence for the maker.’

Frerichs took the Oche on 10 and needed a double five to win, but he squandered his opportunity and was left on three.

The German then stepped up to the oche a total of twelve times, but each time he was thrown out.

Inhaler, on the other hand, struggled at the oche, finishing with a three-darter average of 20.59, while Frerichs finished with a score of 20.75.

On social media, darts fans have made jokes about the ‘classic.’

“One moment of silence for the marker…” tweeted one fan.

After seeing the scorecard, a second joked, “So anyone can turn up for the laugh then yeah.”

“Pay £500 and you can be a darts pro for a day (and see your 73 darter across the internet),” a third added.

In reference to the infamous Ted Hanky clip, a fourth joked, “The devil might be in charge there.”

Let us know in the comments if you think you could have won the leg.

More than 650 players compete for the 32 Tour Cards available at Q-School, or Qualifying School.

At the moment, events are taking place in the United Kingdom and Germany at the same time.

Fallon Sherrock competed at the UK Q-School as well, but she was narrowly defeated by Jason Hogg.

For the first time, the 27-year-old is attempting to obtain a Tour Card.


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