After a 19-second disappointment in qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, Sir Mo Farah has hinted at retirement.


After a 19-second disappointment in qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, Sir Mo Farah has hinted at retirement.

Sir Mo Farah came up short in the British Athletics Championships in Manchester, missing out on qualifying for the Olympics this year.

After failing to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics this summer, quadruple Olympic champion Mo Farah hinted at retirement. The 38-year-old ran to a convincing victory at the British Athletics Championships in Manchester, but a bitter taste lingered as he missed the qualifying time for the 10,000m by 19 seconds.

The 10,000m event on Friday night was a special invitational before of the British Championships this weekend, giving the GB great one more chance to qualify.

Despite the best efforts of the Mancunian audience to cheer him on, Farah was unable to maintain the speed required to fulfill the 27:28.00 qualifying time when the pacemakers pulled out with nine circuits to go.

“It was quite windy, I tried to push and push and push, but nine laps out, I realized I was on my own,” a fatigued Farah remarked after the race. It’s fantastic to have the audience back.

“As a human being, you can only do so much; you give it your all and that is all you have. I’ve had a tremendous career, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had such a long career, for which I am grateful, but that was all I had today.”

Farah’s retirement would bring an end to a spectacular career in which the Brit won the 5,000m and 10,000m in both London and Rio de Janeiro, completing an unthinkable long-distance double.

In 2018, the veteran switched his attention to the marathon, although his efforts were once again totally concentrated on the track in a bid to maintain his 10,000m title.

When asked if this was his final race on the track, Farah replied, “It’s a tough one, it’s a tough one.” I’ve always said that if I can’t compete with the greatest, I won’t go there merely to place in a final. I want to compete there, and tonight just proves that I’m not good enough.”

Farah’s current effort to meet the qualifying mark was his second of the month, as he just fell short in Birmingham due to an ankle issue.

Farah’s medal-winning performances were not confined to the Olympics, as he also won the coveted long-distance double. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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