Adrian Newey made a pressure assertion about Max Verstappen during the ‘titanic’ Lewis Hamilton clash.


Adrian Newey made a pressure assertion about Max Verstappen during the ‘titanic’ Lewis Hamilton clash.

This season, Max Verstappen is battling Lewis Hamilton for the Drivers’ Championship.

According to Red Bull’s technical guru Adrian Newey, Max Verstappen possesses all of the skills required to win the world championship this year. In a rare interview, he discussed the Dutchman’s perseverance and balance in his drive for greatness.

Verstappen is eight points behind Hamilton after crashing out in the British Grand Prix and being involved in contact last time out in Hungary, limiting his options.

Despite this, Newey believes the Dutchman has the requisite attitude and maturity to win the tournament.

Verstappen, like Hamilton, has a well-balanced life outside of F1, which Newey believes is crucial.

“He has the same steely tenacity as any World Champion, the stuff that they need to dig in and keep going in the face of adversity,” he told Red Bull’s official website.

“He can put the past behind him and focus on the upcoming race.

“His driving skill is undeniable, and he’s become into a fantastic racer.

“This year, he hasn’t made any blunders. The races where he hasn’t performed well – Baku, Silverstone, and Hungary – were not his fault, but he has kept his cool and recovered from all of them.

“I don’t believe the stress of the situation will have an impact on him.

“He’s easy to talk to and has a diverse set of interests, which I believe is crucial for an F1 driver.

“When the pressure is on, if F1 is your sole interest, it can almost become too crucial. In that regard, Max has a really nice balance.”

Newey believes that the rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen is good for Formula One, and that Red Bull is determined to end Mercedes’ dominance.

“We’ve had some terrific races this year across the field, but the outstanding titanic battle is between Max and Lewis, and it makes for incredible entertainment when you have two athletes at the top of their game slogging it out every week,” he continued.

“The fact that they are not teammates and are in different machinery adds to the tension.

“It opens up the competition even more, and the car, as well as how we respond to the ever-changing scenario, becomes a factor.”

F1 is now on hiatus for the summer. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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