Adele shows off her new glam look in a silk gown with diamonds for a song tease.


Adele shows off her new glam look in a silk gown with diamonds for a song tease.

Adele oozed Old Hollywood glamour as she posed in a red silk gown adorned with diamonds for the release of her new single Oh My God, and her fans couldn’t get enough.

In a new promotional photo she shared recently to promote her new single Oh My God, Adele oozed old school Hollywood glamour.

The song, which is taken from her new album 30, is about the singer’s struggles with putting herself first, and the moody image perfectly reflects that.

Adele is seen seated in a chair, her legs crossed beneath a billowing crimson red skirt, a position of hostility that is accentuated by her red lipstick pout.

Her hair is slicked back, highlighting her beautiful features, which are further enhanced by the silver jewelry.

She wore delicate silver earrings with matching rings, a silver choker that dripped down her neck, and perfectly manicured blood red nails.

Her dress falls sensually just below her shoulders, and she gazes off into the distance while holding a gleaming red apple, a symbol of temptation that is a theme in the song.

“Oh My God Video,” the mother of one confirmed the release date of her new ballad in the caption.

The date is 12 January.”

Fans loved her new scarlet look, even though they were used to seeing the 33-year-old dressed to the nines.

“You look stunning!” exclaimed one, while another said, “Queen.”

Another shocked fan exclaimed, “Oh my God!”

Another fan exclaimed, “She’s coming to slay!”

“I’ve gone insane,” one follower said.

Her new album 30, which explores themes of self-love, relationships, and denial, was written with the goal of explaining her divorce from Simon Konecki to her son Angelo, according to the London-born star.

She has admitted that her new look and slender figure are the result of her devoting herself to exercise and healthy eating, which has resulted in a seven-stone weight loss.

Many fans praised the Tottenham-born singer-songwriter for her new look and healthier lifestyle, but others felt “abandoned” and “betrayed” because they identified with her at her previous weight.

In November, she spoke with Oprah about these divisive views, explaining that it is not her responsibility to “validate how people feel about their bodies.”

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