According to UFC legend Georges St-Pierre, Dana White prevented a boxing match with Oscar De La Hoya.


According to UFC legend Georges St-Pierre, Dana White prevented a boxing match with Oscar De La Hoya.

The head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is accused of stifling a legend-versus-legend fight.

Georges St-Pierre, a UFC superstar and former two-division world champion, has stated that UFC president Dana White has barred him from fighting Oscar De La Hoya, who is preparing to return to the ring.

Last month, De La Hoya confirmed his return in a fight scheduled for July 3 on startup boxing organization Triller Fight Club, a subsidiary of social media giant Triller.

De La Hoya’s declaration aroused much conjecture about who his return opponent would be.

Eddie Alvarez, a former UFC lightweight champion, stated he has been approached about perhaps inviting “The Golden Boy” back to the ring.

Triller was aiming to book a battle between boxing star De La Hoya and mixed martial arts legend St-Pierre, who is set to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame this year.

Those plans, however, were thwarted by the UFC president, who, according to St-Pierre, would not allow the former UFC star to compete.

“I understand Dana didn’t want me to fight,” St-Pierre said earlier this week to Cinema Blend.

“However, it would have been exciting because my professional fighting career, in which I aspired to be the best in the world at mixed martial arts, is over.

“I’ll be 40 years old tomorrow; I’ll be 40 years old tomorrow. It’s a game for young men.

“However, would you rather fight Oscar De La Hoya in a boxing contest under the terms set by Triller? It would have been a dream come true for me, as he is my second favorite boxer of all time, trailing only ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard.

“Plus, a large portion of the proceeds would have gone to charity.

“So it would have been for a good purpose, just to show that we aren’t too serious about ourselves.

“And that would have been a tough fight because you say, ‘I play basketball and hockey.’

“However, you don’t ‘play’ fighting. It would have been entertaining.”

“I don’t have the audacity to claim that I’m a better boxer than Oscar De La Hoya because, in his prime, he was one of the best that has ever done it, and I come from a different sport,” St-Pierre stated.

“However, take it right now.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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