According to the most recent Zoom information, Man United were close to appointing a manager other than Ralf Rangnick.


According to the most recent Zoom information, Man United were close to hiring a manager other than Ralf Rangnick.

According to Zoom details, Man United was on the verge of hiring a manager other than Ralf Rangnick.

As Zoom details emerge, Man United came close to hiring someone other than Ralf Rangnick as manager.

Following the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United is expected to appoint Ralf Rangnick as an interim manager.

Manchester United were reportedly close to naming Rudi Garcia as their interim manager, but are now set to name Ralf Rangnick.

Last week, Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was fired.

They’re now hoping to save the season.

Just hours after a 4-1 loss to Watford, United relieved Solskjaer of his duties.

Following that, Michael Carrick was named captain for the midweek victory over Villarreal, in which both Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho scored.

Rangnick will take over as interim manager until the end of the season, according to United.

The 63-year-old has influenced the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel, as well as leading RB Leipzig and Hoffenheim to success in the past.

He is confident in his ability to save United’s sinking ship, especially given the current squad’s talent.

According to GQ Magazine, the Red Devils were close to signing Garcia, a former Lille, Roma, and Marseille manager.


They were reportedly’very impressed’ after speaking with the 57-year-old via Zoom.

Garcia had traveled to Manchester with the intention of covering Manchester City’s match against PSG, but he was ultimately passed over.

For a long time, Rangnick had been United’s top choice for the position.

It’ll be fascinating to see how his time at Old Trafford goes, especially since the club has promised him a future consulting role.

An agent praises Rangnick, calling him a “one-of-a-kind type of guy.”

“He’s a project guy,” clarified the anonymous agent.


Manchester United manager Zinedine Zidane is torn.

Man United’s coaching staff is split between Ronaldo and Fernandes.

Messi’s status as a free agent has prompted a reaction from Barcelona.

“He’s the type to dive right into a project and devote years to it.”

In Hoffenheim and Leipzig, he had a vision.”

They were the result of his ingenuity.

He’ll create the blueprint and put it into action.

“He’s a perfectionist who obsesses over the tiniest of details.”

Someone once told me that he’s the type of guy who tells the bus driver how to get to the stadium as quickly as possible.

“He’s a one-of-a-kind kind of person; he’s the one who puts on the shows.”

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