According to a fresh story, the ousted Olympic manager “didn’t want Naomi Osaka to light the Olympic flame.”


According to a fresh story, the ousted Olympic manager “didn’t want Naomi Osaka to light the Olympic flame.”

Yoshiro Mori, the disgraced chairman of the Olympic Committee, is accused of pressing employees to have Hideki Matsui light the cauldron in the opening ceremony instead of 23-year-old Osaka.

Naomi Osaka was allegedly not the first option to light the Olympic flame to commemorate the games’ formal start. According to sources, the former committee head wanted Hideki Matsui, a former Yankee, to light the cauldron since he is a “pure Japanese.” The committee sought the tennis star to do the honors only after Yoshiro Mori was forced to resign as chairman.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the 23-year-old took the torch to the cauldron and lit the Olympic flame to kick off Tokyo 2020.

Sources now claim that the former chairman of the Olympic Committee was urging colleagues to have the former Yankees player nicknamed as “Godzilla” light the torch.

“Mori wanted”Godzilla” to light the Olympic flame at the end, not Naomi Osaka,” an unidentified committee insider told The Daily Beast.

Former Prime Minister Mori is also accused of telling members of the committee that Matsui is “a true Japanese guy and a baseball champion in the United States and Japan – the personification of [a]fighting spirit.”

In February, barely months before the games, the former committee chairman was forced to retire in disgrace.

He resigned after making derogatory remarks about women talking too much while serving on the Japanese Olympic Committee and discussing efforts to boost female representation in the organization.

The New York Times stated at the time that he was concerned that meetings would drag on too long because female members would compete to see who could speak the longest.

Mori was cited as saying, “If we expand the number of female board members, we have to make sure their speaking time is limited slightly, they have difficulties finishing, which is bothersome.”

The 84-year-old later apologized for his insulting statements, but many called for him to quit the next day.

After Mori apologized, the International Olympic Committee initially thought the matter was “closed,” but then changed its mind and labeled the statements “extremely improper.”

He announced his resignation to the media the following Friday, saying, “Just as we were preparing to absolutely hold the.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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