A video shows a hungry wolf stealing a family’s pet dog and terrorizing the residents.


A video shows a hungry wolf stealing a family’s pet dog and terrorizing the residents.

The terrifying footage shows the wolf snatching the cute puppy and going away, with wolves now haunting a nearby school, terrifying parents and children all across town.

In a distant Russian hamlet, a wild wolf snatches and runs away with a small pet dog, as captured on video.

The wild animal can be seen chasing Bonya, a small crossbreed, before casually walking away with it in its mouth.

In the cold village of Olengorsk, near the Arctic Circle, parents are increasingly fearful for their children’s safety.

In the same town, a pug was ripped apart by a wild wolf, with rumors that the predators are also haunting a neighboring school.

Officials have now ordered that the group of wolves that has terrorized the small village be killed by hunters in the area.

Mum-of-two “Our dog was killed by a wolf,” Yulia Mekhnina, 35, said.

“It also murdered a pug today.” We discovered our dog’s remains in the park, around 50 meters (165 feet) from the railway track.

“What if they were kids?” “What are we supposed to do now?” “What a nightmare,” wrote another local woman, Lesya Gennadyeva.

“The wolf was hunting in the town, and something needs to be done right away.”

“There’s a kindergarten there,” says the narrator. What if this was a child caught in its teeth? I’m afraid to think about it.” Dmitry, Yulia’s husband, followed the wolf’s footprints in the snow and realized it wasn’t alone.

“My wife says she heard Bonya yelp, therefore the wolf must have snapped her neck,” he explained.

“You can see the wolf taking my dog, who is already dead, in the video. This is the single saving grace: she didn’t have to suffer for long.” “There were two wolves, one got my dog, and the other tried to take it,” he continued.

“I discovered Bonya’s skeleton.

“There was only her upper body and ribs, no head or paws.” They didn’t seem to finish consuming her.

“I rushed home to get a box to collect Bonya’s bones in order to bury her, but when I returned 15-20 minutes later, they had vanished.”

“I’m sure they ate her.”

“Bonya was a cross between a Pekingese and a mixed-breed dog. Everyone adored her because she was so charming and cute.

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“She was 11 years old, yet she was quite active, and she did not appear to be her age.”

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