A talented baker creates a massive vertical birthday cake that also functions as a clock.


A talented baker creates a massive vertical birthday cake that also functions as a clock.

Sara Hay, a specialist cake sculptor, used 8KG of fondant to create a cake duplicate of a renowned clock in honor of its inventor Dr John Taylor OBEA’s 85th birthday.

A gifted baker has created a massive birthday cake for a British inventor that also serves as a fully functional clock.

Sara Hay, a specialist cake sculptor, created the cake for inventor Dr. John Taylor OBE’s 85th birthday, based on his Dragon Chronophage clock, a successor to his Corpus Clock at Cambridge University.

The one-of-a-kind fruit cake, which took 8 kg of fondant to make, rests in the center of the clock, spanning 1.5 meters across and is crowned with an icing-based blue and red Chinese dragon.

It was made to be vertical, with numerous layers to keep it in place, and it used blue backlit LEDs to tell the time.

Sara began working on the cake in July and finished it this month, just in time for Dr. Taylor’s birthday tomorrow (Thursday, November 25.)

“I’ve had dozens of strange requests, but this one was the most exciting and challenging,” Sara, from the Isle of Man, said.

“We began working on a design in July and completed it in November.” The ChronoCake has its own WhatsApp group because of the incredible collaboration.

“I was ecstatic with the outcome, which was a fantastic blend of extreme cake sculpture, art, design, and engineering.”

The Chronophage clock is a successor to the inventor’s Corpus Clock at Cambridge University, which has no hands or numerals and instead displays the time through three rings that glow with blue LEDs.

The Corpus Clock was named one of the year’s greatest inventions.

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Dr. Taylor stated he was “completely blown away” by the cake’s ability to tell time, noting that the design was a close duplicate of his Dragon Chronophage clock, which he keeps in his Isle of Man home.

“It has a dragon on top that is very identical to the real dragon, and it’s a cake,” he explained. It’s really fantastic.

“They’ve created the most amazing fifth Chronophage yet.” It’s a working clock with a mind of its own.”


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