A one-kilogram dog ‘defies the odds’ after surviving a violent tornado that devastated his house.


A one-kilogram dog ‘defies the odds’ after surviving a violent tornado that devastated his house.

Pom-Pom, a small Pomeranian who had been presumed dead by her distressed owners, pulled off the ‘escape of the year’ after surviving a massive twister with only minor injuries.

After surviving a tornado, a brave dog has pulled off an amazing escape.

Pom Pom, a small Pomeranian who lived with Scott and Anne Beecroft in New South Wales Central West, Australia, was presumed dead when a twister ripped through their home.

The Beecrofts were taken aback when they heard barking from outside the house and saw her still alive in the garden.

In the strange weather occurrence, the tiny dog, who weighs around one kilogram (0.16 stone), lost a tooth and had her jaw dislocated. Houses in the area were destroyed by the storm, and others were left without roofs.

She is believed to have been shaken by the incident and spent two weeks in a veterinary facility, but she is slowly returning to her former vivacious self.

Her favorite comfort blanket is still stuck 30 meters up a pine tree, despite the fact that the rest of the house has been destroyed.

Her owners were astounded that she had survived the disaster’s devastation.

“We believed she was absolutely gone for sure,” Mr Beecroft said of Pom Pom’s escape. “Especially when you’ve got fifteen-tonne trees being lifted up and dropped like rag dolls.”

In extraordinary circumstances, the man, a world record holder for coal shoveling, was also hurt in the tornado.

Isn’t it amazing that Pom Pom made it? Tell us about the craziest things you’ve seen survive a natural disaster in the comments section below! Mr Beecroft’s arm was yanked out of the kitchen window as the storm hit, leaving him frantically grasping for life.

“I had to catch hold of the bench just here, clinging onto the bench with one arm, then next thing my feet are flinging up, foot was in the bench just here,” he added, pointing to the close call.

Building materials from the Beecrofts’ 100-year-old home have been discovered as far as 20 kilometers (12.42 miles) distant, demonstrating how fortunate this tiny dog was to live to bark again.

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