A mysterious ‘alien-like’ water creature washes up on the beach, generating a lot of buzz.


A mysterious ‘alien-like’ water creature washes up on the beach, generating a lot of buzz.

The pink and translucent sea creature was discovered on an Australian beach, and Facebook users speculated that it might be a jellyfish or a sea slug.

After a weird “alien-like” creature washed ashore on an Australian beach, photos of the bizarre creature have been spreading on Facebook.

The pink and translucent species was discovered in shallow seas off Urangan Beach in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

When a spectator noticed the weird blob, he took images and wondered whether it was a “dangerous stonefish.” “, as reported by BreezyScroll.

The stonefish is the most dangerous fish on the planet, and it can kill an adult in under one hour.

The notion was debunked fortunately for the bystander, but Facebook people were still attempting to figure out what species it was and if it was from this planet.

Some speculated that it could be ambergris, a substance generated by sperm whales and utilized in perfume production.

“If it’s ambergris, it’s worth a lot of money,” one user remarked, “but I think it’s harder than it looks but definitely worth researching.”

Others speculated that it might be a jellyfish, while others speculated that it might not be a sea creature at all.

Some thought that it could be a piece of a whale or shark that had been hurt or died.

According to National Geography, the organism is a nudibranch, a sea slug-like species that lives at the ocean’s bottom.

Despite the fact that over 2,000 species have been documented, new nudibranch species are constantly being discovered.

The discovery in Queensland is said to have piqued the interest of researchers at The Australian Museum.

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They were able to identify it as a Melibe japonica, which is an uncommon sighting in Japan.

Matt Nimbs, a research scientist at the School of Environment Science and Engineering, told Yahoo News: “Another one was photographed in Bermagui, which is interesting.

“With these creatures, it’s two in a short period of time and then nothing for years, if not decades!”


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