A married couple apologizes after being caught ‘cheating’ at the London Marathon by using the same number and running together.


A married couple apologizes after being caught ‘cheating’ at the London Marathon by using the same number and running together.

A COUPLE has apologized for allegedly cheating the London Marathon by running the race with the same registration number on their vests.

Monika Czarnecka, 41, and her husband Piotr, 42, were photographed on the course together, prompting an investigation by the organizers.

The couple also received a lot of backlash on social media for infidelity.

Only Mrs Czarnecka was registered to run, and Piotr replicated her number so that he could accompany her for’moral support.’

“I’m sincerely sorry for what we’ve done and didn’t mean to cause any harm,” Mrs Czarnecka told MailOnline.

“The people that cheered and clapped for me helped me finish the marathon, and it aches to think that I let them down.”

“This was my first marathon, and I needed Piotr’s help since I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to complete it.”

“It was all my idea, and I take full responsibility for it,” Piotr continued. I realize it’s bad, and I really apologize, but I had no choice but to support my wife.” GET INVOLVED IN SUN VEGAS: WITH THOUSANDS OF GAMES TO PLAY AND NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED, GET A FREE £10 BONUS (Ts&Cs apply) He acknowledged that he had missed out on the ballot and a spot in the London Marathon.

Before the marathon, runners are given registration numbers, which provided Piotr enough time to duplicate the 11250 number given to his partner.

They were observed by eagle-eyed members of the running community, and photos of the two running beside each other were circulated online.

“We are aware of the photographs that show two racers wearing similar numbers and we are investigating,” a London Marathon official said.

“Any situation in which a person cheats or falsifies numbers is taken very seriously by us.”

The London Marathon drew almost 80,000 runners last Sunday.

With a time of 4 hours 40 minutes and 58 seconds, Czarnecka, from Amersham, Buckinghamshire, finished in 21,697th place.

The couple initially posted their marathon time on the Strava running app, but they quickly erased it after their activities were questioned.

“She’s suddenly become incredibly bashful on Strava when I mentioned this photo and all the others and suggested she take back her medal,” one outraged Twitter user wrote.

“I’ve got 9 rejections in 9 years,” another user tweeted. This type of thing is quite aggravating. It’ll be my only chance next year. I’m not holding my breath.” “It’s not fair if we pay roughly £200 for a charity place, stressing raising £2k, and you get virtuals or fakes on course actually,” one person remarked. “We would… Brinkwire Brief News,” Mrs Czarnecka continued.


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